Escape game The Basement’s Secret[Κλειστό]

Εταιρεία: Great Escape Rooms


Command + EnterΒρήκατε κάποιο τυπογραφικό λάθος; Επιλέξτε κείμενο και πατήστε Ctrl+Enter.


Apart from what you can see, hear or feel, you realize that unrevealed secrets are there. Walking in the darkness all by yourself, you desperately look for some light. What you are about to live reminds you of thing you have already experienced. Things that make you wonder… “What kind of games do children play alone in the dark?”


Not recommended for people with claustrophobia
Not recommended for epileptic people
The entrance is prohibited to visitors belonging to vulnerable groups such us pregnant women, people with heart problems etc.
Recommended athletic clothing.

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