Escape game Paranormal

Company: My Escape Rhodes


Steliou Kotiadi 50 Rodos 851 00 ()

(0030) 22413 04895

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Winter 1977...

Lately, Ms. Katerina has been lonely and does not talk to her friends anymore. Sudden negative events have occured in her life.

Under unexplained conditions, she lost her husband and her child. She got depressed. Her friends wanted to keep her company, but she refused. She wanted only Pluto by her side. Only he could understand.

Until one day, her friends and neighboutrs came to her house and found her lifeless body, lying in the garden of her home. What was happening all this time. Will you enter Katerina's home and discover the truth?

If yes, will you manage to get out?


Unappropriate for claustrophobics and individuals with heart problems.

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