Escape game Cursed Willy

Company: Sherlocked Homes


Peristeri, El. Venizelou 106, Peristeri 121 32 ()

0030 2121040903

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It was end-1719! The legendary pirate single-eyed Willie, having looted everything he encountered in the sea, is informed by a captive, just before killing him, of the existence of a tune that would endow him not with eternal riches but eternal life if he ever happened to hear it! Well, he decided to follow the steps indicated and try to make it his.

And that is how it all turned out. Willie managed to steal the tune from the aboriginals of the distant island Ram and took shelter in his hideout! However, he underestimated the spiritual strength of the aboriginals who cursed him «To live eternally, yet without flesh!». The myth goes that ever since no one has seen him and whoever tried to enter his hideout was unable to exit it ever, even his soul was captured!

Well, you are now castaways on the Ram island! Ona aboriginals capture you! To let you go they demand to be given back the tune. Blindfolded they lead you, after walking for hours, to Willie’s hideout that they managed to locate after years of search! The hideout opens its gates every hour. Will you manage to steal the tune of everlasting life, thus winning your freedom from the aboriginals, otherwise, according to the myth, you will be detained in company with Willie and the rest of the souls? You have 70’ to find out!

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