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Company: My Escape Rhodes


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Your best friends and you decided to visit the beautiful island of Rhodes, in order to relax and have your head cleared. As per your arrival in Rhodes, you met these funny and interesting guys that proposed you to stay at this first sight a hotel like all the others...You agreed to stay there..unfortunately!

In the first night you went out to this high end club, where you drank quite a lot, met a lot of new people and had the night of your life. Then it was about time to return to the Hostel..

You woke up in the morning and insted of being at your lovely bed, you find yourselves trapped, tied and totally terrified. You are the victims of a secret elite community of murderers, who are looking for tourists like you, in order to fullfil their most dark fantasies.

You feel scared, but at least you are still all together.. Will you be able to escape, or you will end up like all the other previous victims?

You have 75 minutes to try and escape, without the murderer gets to know that you are trying to escape... Are you set and go to confront you deepest fears?

And keep in mind.. when the butcher enters the room, everyone has to be in the initial positions that the butcher left you at. If this does not happen, then he will get really angry and you will be punished, accordingly.


Appropriate for people who are not claustrophobic.

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