Escape game Avissos

Company: Escapepolis


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After a massive earthquake in Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, 250 miles east of Guam, the research team of the underwater Oceanographic station VITHOS (Vertical Institute of Trench Home Observatory Sea-Life) at the edge of the Mariana Fore-Arc are trying to overcome the shock.

Just then, strange lights, eerie sounds, and weird creatures emerge from the depths of the abyss. Communication via DMI (Direct Messaging Interface) starts out of nowhere by strange characters on the screen that make no sense or seem unreadable... What is the message the strange creatures are trying to convey? Why is communication with the outside world suddenly lost?

Oceanographic ship USNS PATHFINDER approaches, and, with a manned bathyscaph attempts to solve the mystery of lost communication with the underwater station. You, as members of the mission, are asked to investigate what happened and help rescue the researchers. Is anybody there? Seismic activity is intense. Is this a sign of another major earthquake? You have 60 mins before it hits the Trench...

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