Escape game Roswell 1947

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July 5, 1947. A day seemingly like any other in the sleepy, desert town of Roswell, New Mexico: Mary Penning, a nurse at the Roswell Army Air Field hospital, is going about her usual routine. In search of supplies, she opens the mortuary door and stumbles onto a scene that shakes her to the core: bending over the anatomy table are two strange doctors and a nurse.

They are examining the body of a humanlike creature. It is small, its arms too spindly, and its head disproportionately big. At the other side of the room, two black-suited men watch over a large box covered with a white cloth. The physicians quickly ask for Mary’s help and the autopsy continues until the smell in the room becomes unbearable.

Later the same evening, Mary returns to her room in the base and meets her boyfriend, journalist Dennis Pitt. Scared, she narrates the incident and promises to bring him more information. When the following day Dennis calls her, he is told that there is no nurse by that name in the hospital…

Hours later, taking advantage of Dennis’ acquaintances, you get access to the supposedly empty mortuary. Find evidence that proves Mary’s story and helps you unravel her disappearance. You have 70’ before the military personnel returns… Cast light on the Alien Enigma… Do they live among us?

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