Escape game Tyranny

Company: Escapepolis


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Famous writer Steven Moore is on his way to his retreat where he plans to complete his last novel, the final in a series of bestsellers starring "Liberty". Due to a strange, unexplained road accident, just off Wolf village, he ends up disabled, with his two legs broken, in an isolated house on Big Horn mountain.

The owner is Αnny Τhomas, nurse, who happens to be his biggest fan, totally identifying herself with the devilish heroine of the favorite writer. Rumors have it that, in his yet unfinished book, Steven "kills" the imaginary heroine-obsession. Anny manipulates the writer, terrifying him both physically and emotionally, aiming at his rewriting the book during his hostage. She demands a more welcome ending, both for the heroine and herself.

Two months have passed and Steven is still unable to stand on his feet, He can only move on a wheelchair. Today the nurse stalker is out, shopping… Will you manage, in any possible way, to ask for help before the tyrannical jailer returns, leading the writer out of his strange prison?

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